Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Labelling Rules From Around the World in 2024

As labelling is not only used to help inform consumers of a product’s intended use and any related warnings, also notify its ingredients, the net quantity of contents, and its place of manufacture or distribution, proper labelling is an important aspect of marketing a cosmetic or personal care product. Labelling represents an important part of […]

Cosmetic Labelling Regulation Changes in Countries around the World

If you are looking to start a cosmetic business in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Wales), it is essential that you comply with the relevant regulations. The UK Cosmetic Regulation was put in place to ensure that all cosmetic products sold in the UK are safe and fit for purpose. The Regulation is a […]

Consumer’s Need for Understanding Cosmetic Labels

The rules and regulations regarding cosmetic labelling are for the safety of the consumer as well as the producer. Since most contain some measure of chemicals, it can be dangerous to not label your products correctly. The label must include information that explains what they are for, how to use them safely, and how to […]