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Appearance matters in the cosmetics industry. There’s a lot of pressure for product packaging to portray the end results –even when working with small surfaces. Peel and reveal labels can help with small packages and products. While trying to catch the consumer’s eye, there are still regulations products must follow.

Regardless of your product line, you need to be aware of the industry requirements for cosmetics labels. You must be aware of the most common rules and regulations for labelling in the cosmetics industry. Ensure products meet all regulations and easily maintain labels with Labelservice – we have the knowledge and experience.

At Labelservice, we have the ability to produce large or short runs of labels as needed with expiration dates, ingredients lists, allergen warnings, barcodes, organic and natural certifications. We also have the knowledge of what type of label material your product will require in order to maintain its look while being exposed to water, chemicals, and the like.

If you offer lotion, body wash, or facial cleansers, you may want to consider a printer that applies water-resistant labels. This will help protect your labels from fading or peeling. Utilizing these resistant labels will bring your products to another level of professionalism.

Makers of cosmetics and personal care products don’t just need a lot of labels – they need a lot of different labels. One body lotion alone can be available in dozens of different scents, an array of bottles, tubs, and more. Your product packaging and labelling are what makes you stand out from the competition. What catches eyes on the shelves can be the difference between the purchase of your brand over competitors.

Labelservice are major labelling suppliers to the cosmetics, beauty and homeopathy industry. We have 25 years of experience in supplying custom printed bespoke labels to both small and large manufacturers. Our labels are available on a wide range of different papers and filmic materials. We can supply several antique papers for an organic, untreated look. Or we can supply high gloss materials for a sleek, modern appearance. Clear materials are also available for a no label look.

You might want your product to stand out from the rest on the shop shelves and we can help this happen with our decorative cosmetic labels. This will give your brand a real specialist look that will instantly catch the eye of the consumer. We are experts at knowing what our customers need when it comes to different size products and even when it comes to different size orders.