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Design Your Cosmetic Label Perfectly

There are few industries where the visual appearance of packaging is as important as it is in the cosmetics industry. Any product which is designed to care for you and make you beautiful must “glow” at first glance, often even in the truest sense of the word. This is not only the case for designs, for example with gold foils, metallic films or elegant opaque white, but also for the material quality of cosmetics labels and the corresponding label printing.

Labelservice offers a massive range of different products for cosmetics labelling. Different materials, printing methods and finishes offer a wide range for you to choose from.

Adhesive labels for personal-care products not only need to look good, they also need to fulfil other stringent requirements and be resistant to various strains, without becoming unsightly. They must remain permanently adhesive and legible despite the effects of water, oils and other elements that naturally have an impact on cosmetics labels when they are handled. This is not only the case for aesthetic reasons but also because of the labelling requirement for cosmetics packaging. Our roll labels for cosmetic products guarantee to you that the list of ingredients will remain visible at all times and will not become damaged or faded.

You could choose a no-label look adhesive labels on polypropylene film. This film adapts well to uneven surfaces or the rounded sides of jars. This means that they are practically invisible to the consumer. Such cosmetics labels are often used for perfume bottles and jars of cream, as printing on film is better value than printing directly on the jar or bottle. All of our labels are suitable for machine application. We can add sensor marks on the backing paper or by the label edge, and supply on filmic backing for high speed application.

However, the polypropylene film does not necessarily need to be transparent and designed using the no-label look. Of course, we are also masters of printing on gold and silver films as well as opaque white or embossed film finishes. Visit us at here or give us a call. You won’t be disappointed.