Boost Your Sales With Seasonal Labels

Candle Labels

Understandably, everyone is trying to finish this year on a high note. Seasonal labels can help you do that.  If you keep seasonal appeal in mind when designing your labels, you could potentially appeal to a much wider audience, sell more expensive products, and move more merchandise during this notorious shopping season and beyond in […]

Inform and Attract With Your Product Label

Product marketers call it the “first moment of truth.” A shopper that’s ready-to-buy has entered a store and is laser-focused on a particular product category. The “moment” takes place as their eyes peruse a shelf full of products. Which item will they pick up and examine further? The answer can be found in the consumer’s […]

Using Great Label Designs to Inform

We get asked for design assistance and recommendations a lot, which suggests there is much confusion about the steps involved in producing high-quality product labels. We touch on the importance of the design phase in various other blog posts, but we’ll try to focus in more detail here. First, it’s critical to understand that label […]

Cosmetic Labelling is Highly Legislated – Know the Rules

Labelservice are major suppliers of self adhesive labels to the cosmetics industry and its associated sectors. We supply to all and every size of businesses, whether you are a startup company working from home, or a larger established manufacturer. Cosmetics labels are a challenge, due to the extremely high quality of print and finishing required. […]

Making Your Cosmetic Labels Safe

Everyone wants their products to stand out on the shelf and be enticing enough for consumers to reach out and take their product off the shelf and to the cashier. Having such a brand is only half of the picture. You also want your product to be safe and used correctly and that’s why the […]

Design Your Cosmetic Label Perfectly

There are few industries where the visual appearance of packaging is as important as it is in the cosmetics industry. Any product which is designed to care for you and make you beautiful must “glow” at first glance, often even in the truest sense of the word. This is not only the case for designs, […]

Create Fabulous Labels for Your Cosmetics

Candle Labels

Beauty and cosmetic industries have an incredible potential to develop loyal customers. Beauty products are a staple in bathroom cabinets around the world; whether a person is going for an “I woke up like this” look or the avant garde “makeup is art you wear on your face” feel, just about every woman (not to […]