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Multi Layer Cosmetic Labels

As regulations change and more information needs to be included on packs, many cosmetics manufacturers are turning to multi page labels as the solution. Labelservice offers a range of peel and reveal labels that will enable you to include all of the required copy, but without compromising on the aesthetic impact of the products.

Peel and reveal labels are available as 2 or 3 layer products. These are multiple layers of label and adhesive, hinged along one side, then die cut. They offer single or full colour printing on every page, giving you 3 or 5 printable pages. Available on papers or synthetic products, and with the same matt, gloss or silk finish, we can also add decorative effects such as spot varnishing, foiling and metallic print.

A combination of flexographic and digital printing offers peel and reveal solutions for longer or shorter multi sort runs.

If you require further space, Labelservice can also supply booklet or leaflet labels to cosmetic customers. Available in up to 48 pages, these products are suitable if you wish to supply your products overseas and require the legislative and instructional copy to be multi lingual.