Top 5 UK Brands to Launch Cosmetic Recycling

Overall, more than 120 billion beauty packages are created each year, and less than 10% of those ultimately get recycled. Now, many brands are taking action to improve this number and reduce the amount of beauty packaging that ends up in the landfill. This means there are more sustainable solutions and recycling options available. Luckily, […]

UK Government Launches Investigation Into Safety Concerns with Cosmetic Products

Call for Data: Safety of Cosmetic Ingredients OPSS would like to invite any interested parties to submit any scientific information relevant to the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients. The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) would like to invite any interested parties, including academia, manufacturers of cosmetic products, producers of the substances concerned and […]

Trends and Predictions for Cosmetics Labels & Packaging in 2023

Packaging and labelling represents a hugely important part of your cosmetics product. It’s your first line of advertising and marketing and can make the difference between a prospective customer taking a closer look or taking a pass. Cosmetics packaging is also a rapidly changing landscape, as consumer expectations and sensibilities change, and novel packaging materials […]

Elevate Your Label Design

The imagery and messaging on your label should be, to the best of your ability, an accurate representation of what consumers will find inside of the packaging. This need for honesty is especially true when design food labels or any other products people will consume or use for their body. You know your product best, […]

Stand Out on the Shelf

Appearance matters in the cosmetics industry. There’s a lot of pressure for product packaging to portray the end results –even when working with small surfaces. Peel and reveal labels can help with small packages and products. While trying to catch the consumer’s eye, there are still regulations products must follow. Regardless of your product line, […]

Placing Your Cosmetics on the EU Market

The Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009 has enforced several obligations when it comes to placing a cosmetic and personal care product on the European market. For most manufacturers and distributors of the cosmetics & personal care products industry, the European Cosmetic Regulation no 1223/2009 enforces measures that have to be fulfilled before placing a cosmetic product on […]

Trends to Think About

Beauty is booming. Everybody from your grandmother to the kid next door is having fun contouring, highlighting, and tinting — and cosmetic brands are reaping the benefits. The beauty product market is always evolving. Each year brings new trends and areas of interest, and the ability to keep up with tastes is what determines whether […]

Getting Your Cosmetic Label Right

The cosmetics industry is absolutely booming. Beauty gurus and makeup artists have flooded YouTube to review and promote various products, and brands are capitalizing on subscription boxes. In order to stand out, you’ll need a beautifully packaged product! First, you’ll need to be familiar with cosmetic labelling requirements. Cosmetic products are regulated, and as such […]

Cosmetic Labelling Considerations

Recent data shows that the beauty industry has experienced immense growth in recent years — and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. It’s no surprise, then, that big brands and independent ones alike are looking to get in on the action. Since our obsession with makeup continues to grow, the demand allows for […]