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Using Great Label Designs to Inform

We get asked for design assistance and recommendations a lot, which suggests there is much confusion about the steps involved in producing high-quality product labels. We touch on the importance of the design phase in various other blog posts, but we’ll try to focus in more detail here.

First, it’s critical to understand that label design is a very important part of marketing your product successfully. A well-designed product label does a number of things.

It informs the prospective customer about what your product is and what it does. It makes no sense to have a label that simply says “Superior Skin Therapy” if it doesn’t also tell the reader WHY you’re making that claim. Tell them what your product does to justify the marketing jargon – otherwise they’re left wondering and will turn to a competitive product on the shelf that explains itself better.

It shows the prospective customer what your product looks like, preferably in a flattering way. How you do this will depend on the product itself. The intent is to make your product’s use obvious and not expect the customer to interpret its intended use by reading a lot of text. Keep in mind that the average consumer spends between 2 to 6 seconds deciding on which product to buy – not a lot of time.

It attracts attention away from competitive products. An eye-catching product label will always fare better on a crowded shelf than a drab uninteresting one. This is a major part of the design task. One thing to keep in mind is that a professionally-designed label will usually look better than something amateurish.

Last but not least, a product label design frequently needs to have various regulatory information included to meet legal requirements. Nutrition panels, safety warnings, and even usage instructions are often a necessary part of the label design. This affects how much space you have to work with, and how readable the information needs to be – which feeds into font selection and layout considerations. In reality, you don’t care how the label is printed, or why your artwork is problematic. You just want to know that your labels are arriving on time and that they are going to be right. Not all label printers go to the great extent that we do to ensure we understand your criteria. Many label printers will also only work with companies on a minimum order quantity. This isn’t the case for us at Labelservice; we provide a service for all companies, any sized orders and any requirements. Our objective is to use our 25 years’ experience to create the best bespoke and custom labels that meet the needs of your business. Let us take the hassle out of the order process for you today.