Stand Out on the Shelf

Appearance matters in the cosmetics industry. There’s a lot of pressure for product packaging to portray the end results –even when working with small surfaces. Peel and reveal labels can help with small packages and products. While trying to catch the consumer’s eye, there are still regulations products must follow. Regardless of your product line, […]

Cosmetic Label Designs to Build Loyalty

If you own a beauty or cosmetics line, the potential for some serious business is there. But it also means if you want to grab that business and take it for yourself, you’re going to need to find a way to break through the clutter, jump off the shelf at Sephora, and tell your ideal […]

Inform and Attract With Your Product Label

Product marketers call it the “first moment of truth.” A shopper that’s ready-to-buy has entered a store and is laser-focused on a particular product category. The “moment” takes place as their eyes peruse a shelf full of products. Which item will they pick up and examine further? The answer can be found in the consumer’s […]

Using Great Label Designs to Inform

We get asked for design assistance and recommendations a lot, which suggests there is much confusion about the steps involved in producing high-quality product labels. We touch on the importance of the design phase in various other blog posts, but we’ll try to focus in more detail here. First, it’s critical to understand that label […]